VISUAL SARKARSM is a collaborative design studio which aims at creating fun and innovative visual content by working together with a team of variously skilled creative folks, from writers, designers, animators, illustrators, fabricators, graphic artists, art directors, cinematographers, voice artists, music composers and more, suited for different creative requirements.

Our forte is experimenting with innovative techniques of animation from classical 2D to contemporary and our style is fairly quirky. It is safe to say we are one of the few design studios in India to deliver top-quality stop-motion and mixed media videos. If you decide to work with us, you’ll be assured of three things - a fresh approach, a thoughtful team and prompt deliveries.


ANIMATED VIDEOS ad film | show packaging | explainer video | music video | title sequence
ILLUSTRATIONS branding | book | publication | print ad | editorial illustration
STOP MOTION mixed media | advertising | social media video | music video
ORIGINAL CONTENT animated series | humour | music | parenting | kids’ content | fiction


has bucketloads of optimism, on alternate days!

VISUAL SARKARSM is the the brainchild of designer Rituparna Sarkar, an alumna of the National Institute of Design in the field of Animation Film Design and a veteran in the TV and visual media industry with over twelve years of experience and a small collection of awards and laurels under her belt. She has been an entrepreneur and a creative director since 2010 and has personally directed over 70 projects and co-produced over 100 projects with various clients ranging from start-ups to MNCs across industries. She is also an author, published by Penguin Random House, India.

Core Team of collaborators


    is as Flash-y as they come

    From classy 2D character animation to savvy motion graphics, Avinash is the expert and a mentor to everyone in the team. He has over 12 years of experience in animated series and shorts production.


    is addicted to sketching

    Hitesh is an illustrator and graphic artist, excelling in both pen and ink as well as digital art. Sketching is his first love. His inspiration comes from the people travelling in the Mumbai local trains and nature, especially birds!


    has stellar organisational skills

    Andrea is a graphic designer with over 9 years of experience working in creative print, digital and other media. She loves clean, contemporary, as well as richly populated design that pulls the viewer in and peaks their interest.


    is an illustrator / filmmaker aka Bobby

    Saswata, like his twin brother, has been addicted to sketching since childhood and this addiction is currently paying their bills. Unlike his twin brother, he wears blue framed glasses, all his teeth are intact and he has not been followed back by Abhay Deol on Instagram - where he creates groovy topical cartoons!


    is an illustrator / filmmaker aka Bob

    Susruta, like his twin brother, is an illustrator, animator and filmmaker, who has worked on various publication and animation projects. Unlike his twin brother, he wears brown framed glasses, has a broken tooth and about 400 less followers on Instagram - where he creates groovy topical cartoons too!


    likes giving ‘sound’ advice

    Joe is a sound designer and a voice-over artist, with many years of voicing experience with big clients like Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network. He is inspired by nature’s wavelength, that heighten the senses. Just to ‘sound’ you off, he is the lord of puns too!


    is the left-brain that does right by us

    CA Daivesh Shah is ‘The Accountant’ - though last we checked, there weren’t any assasins after him. A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), he has 18 years of experience working in Audit, Taxation and Company Law matters - and he is the keeper of our sacred books!


    is the Vice President, Endorfins

    Oscar is the in-house mascot. A French bulldog puppy from far out Punjab, he came to Mumbai with big hopes and dreams (like all of us) and currently works towards morale boosting of designers and cients alike. He is also learning to fly using those crazy ears.


    with all your hidden talents...

    We are constantly looking to expand our team and discover newer talents: from writers, designers, animators, artists, compositors, cinematographers to interns. Write to us if you wish to work with us!